Murdoch James ‘Rhiannon’ Pinot Meunier Rosé 2012


The Pinot Meunier at Murdoch James was originally planted in 1987 by Nelson Clark to make sparkling wine, but its production at Blue Rock never eventuated with the Fraser ownership due to the specialised equipment needed and extra costs. However the variety has always consistently been among the top performers, but the table red wine expression never seemed to do it justice. Winemaker Carl Fraser had tried Pinot Meunier made in a Vin Gris style from near Orleans in the Loire and believed that the Vins Gris method of production which involved active pressing iof the skins rather than just contact in the saignee method would produce something special with the variety, the resultant wine with substance and minerality in the mid-palate. First trying this in 2010, this has become a favourite for Carl to make and the wine is named after his and wife Nicola's first daughter. Only 80 dozen bottles are made annually, and the Frasers have added to the original 0.4 ha with another 1.2 ha planted in 2010, which will crop for 2014. www.murdochjames.co.nz

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