Murdoch James 2014 ‘Estate’ and ‘Rhiannon’ Rosé

Carl Fraser has a raft of varieties and styles he manages and makes into a strong and broad range of Martinborough wine. I’m sure he’d plump for Pinot Noir as the most important variety at Murdoch James, but then Syrah and Cabernet Franc hold a special place as well. I have a suspicion though that rosé may be the wine style that has captured his imagination and his attention in getting it right. The Pinot Meunier variety has been at Murdoch James since 1987, and it has only recently that using it for rosé rather than table red has occurred. Carl discovered the Loire method of active pressing of the skins rather than simple contact could yield wine with substance and minerality. His first effort employing this technique was in the 2010 vintage. I rated the 2012 rosé wine at 5-stars (click here to see my review), and recently the 2014 ‘Estate Rosé took the class trophy at the Easter Show Wine Awards earlier this year. I believe Carl is onto something with rosé. Here, I review the 2014 ‘Estate’ and ‘Rhiannon’ Rosé wines, the latter named after his and his wife Nicola’s first daughter. www.murdochjames.co.nz


  • Murdoch James ‘Estate’ Martinborough Pinot Rosé 2014
  • Murdoch James ‘Rhiannon’ Martinborough Pinot Meunier Rosé 2014

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