Mission ‘Jewelstone’ 2016 Chardonnay and 2015 Pinot Noir

The Mission ‘Jewelstone’ range is in essence the flagship tier for the company, with only the very limited release ‘Huchet’ Chardonnay and Syrah super-premium bottlings placed above it. The wines represent the best parcels of fruit grown by the viticulturist and crafted with the greatest sensitivity by winemaker Paul Mooney. To me, there is not quite the same consistency of style in the Jewelstone wines as seen in the ‘Reserves’, but the characters ae more individual. This indicates that the special nature of the fruit and its origin is captured and preserved. In a way the fruit may be decreeing how it should be handled, and if so, Paul Mooney is sensitive to the signs. This is all conjecture on my part, but there is no denying the quality of the wines. Ever since they were introduced in the 1990s, the ‘Jewelstone’ wines have captured people’s imaginations and garnered a strong following. Here, I review the Jewelstone 2016 Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay and Marlborough Pinot Noir. www.missionestate.co.nz


  • Mission ‘Jewelstone’ Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay 2016
  • Mission ‘Jewelstone’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2015

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