Millton ‘Les Trois Enfants’ 2017


As this country embraces sustainable winegrowing, we have seen a remarkable growth in organic winegrowing with a greater interest and commitment to biodynamic regimes for grapegrowing and winemaking. Our wine industry has a unique and extremely valuable resource in James and Annie Millton who have over 45 years of experience of grapegrowing, nearly 35 of those under certified organic and biodynamic methods. Their understanding of how vines and environment interact is second to none here, and we must look to their wines as examples of the success of their philosophy and methodology.

One of James and Annie’s children is ‘Les Trois Enfants’ (or should that be three of their children?). This is a unique co-fermentation of Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Muscat a Petit Grains. James states this is not a ‘blend’ as such, but a ‘selection of secateurs’ which is co-fermented together. It’s a wine that is challenging to make, but he talks of it being 200% ‘love and gratitude’. He affectionately calls it ‘The Three Kids’, and interestingly says it "hits all the points a quality Pinot Gris could offer”, a variety that the Milltons do not work with. I review the 2017 Millton ‘Les Trois Enfants’ here. www.millton.co.nz


  • Millton ‘Les Trois Enfants’ Gisborne Co-fermentation 2017

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