Mills Reef ‘Reserve’ Syrah 2017 and ‘Elspeth’ Cabernet Merlot 2016


My most recent review of Mills Reef wines was of the 2017 ‘Reserve’ Cabernet/Merlot and 2016 ‘Elspeth’ Syrah in August, last month. In that review I discussed the new super-premium ‘Arthur Edmund’ wines from the 2013 vintage, these being the best possible wines from Mills Reef’s Gimblett Gravels vineyards in an outstanding vintage. I felt that Mills Reef were justified in their pricing of $350.00 per bottle, especially taking into consideration the global market (click here to see the review article). The review also demonstrated how good value the ‘Reserve’ and ‘Elspeth’ wines of the same variety and style were, with my award of 4-stars and 5-stars respectively. Here, I review the mirror-images of those wines, a 2017 ‘Reserve’ Syrah and a 2016 ‘Elspeth’ Cabernet/Merlot, these wines too, from the Gimblett Gravels. www.millsreef.co.nz


  • Mills Reef ‘Reserve’ Gimblett Gravels Hawke’s Bay Syrah 2017
  • Mills Reef ‘Elspeth’ Gimblett Gravels Hawke’s Bay Cabernet/Merlot 2016

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