Matua Valley ‘Reserve Release’ Syrah 2010


The larger wine companies have been performing with increasing success at wine show competitions and magazine judgings of late. The wines that seem to take away more and more of the top trophy awards are not necessarily the super-premium labels either. More often than not, they are wines that are in the middle tier which invariably offer very good value. There are several factors for this. The ever increasing quest for quality in vineyard and winemaking is a major part of this, and the things learned in making the very best are passed down the line. The style of the middle-ground wines must be immediately accessible and true to type as well as reflective of growing location. These are essential to capture the interest of the reasonably well-informed wine drinker, then satisfy them in terms of enjoyment. Interestingly, these are the attributes that result in balance and harmony, which are rewarded by wine show judges. The larger wine companies have the resources and economies of scale to do this consistently.

Matua Valley, one of this country's most venerable wine producers, now part of the global Treasury Wine Estates group have the ‘Reserve Release' range at this level. In their words, the wines are for "everyday consumption and exhibit regional character, consistently, every year”. This Matua Valley ‘Reserve Release' Hawke's Bay Syrah 2010 was awarded the Trophy for Champion Syrah at the recent 2012 Royal Easter Show Wine Awards. It is a perfect example of affordable and true to style wines of very high quality that consumers will regard as great value. www.matua.co.nz

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