Margrain Vineyard – New 2013 Releases


I first met Graham and Daryl Margrain at the start of the 1990s, before they established Margrain Vineyard in Martinborough in 1992. They were inquisitive and keen to do it right, and took time to appreciate the existing wines of the district as well as seeing them in the context of the wines of the world. They've been totally realistic with their approach, a reflection of their pragmatic natures, and worked hard, knowing there would be no miracle boom. Their approach has made Margrain Vineyard one of the most steadfast and traditional producers with a diverse and different range that ensures the wines are always worth seeking out. Their original 4 ha property was supplemented by the purchase of the adjacent Chifney vineyards giving them access to old and well-established vines, and this was extended by the planting of a new block in 2001 on Dry River Road, 8 km south of the township. Winemaker and viticulturist is the highly regarded and articulate Strat Canning (read his evocative wine tasting notes on the Margrain website), being with the Margrains from their second vintage in 1996. I review a selection of the new releases to start 2013. www.margrainvineyard.co.nz


  • Margrain Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Margrain Martinborough Pinot Gris 2010
  • Margrain Martinborough Botrytis Selection Riesling 2012
  • Margrain Martinborough Botrytis Selection Pinot Gris 2012

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