Louis Roederer – A Pearler of a Champagne

One of the great Champagne houses, Louis Roederer is the model of stability and style. Such is the financial strength of the company, that it has purchased several properties in Bordeaux, has the ownership of Champagne Deutz, and the Rhone negociant and vineyard owner of Delas Freres. The basis of Roederer's strength is its 215 ha of vineyards which supply around 70% of its requirements. As Frederic Rouzard manages the direction and business side of Louis Roederer, chef de cave Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon runs the production. The full-bodied, Pinot Noir influenced, complex style is a favourite among Champagne aficionados. With a small annual production of only 200,000 cases, Roederer's reputation is far greater than what it can supply to meet the demand, so appreciate it whenever you can. www.champagne-roederer.com

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