Lil Rippa – A Ripping Yarn of Success

Starting out to establish a niche wine brand for the FMCG market on a ‘shoestring' budget would seem a recipe for disaster, but Mike Poff and Michael Pearce of Shoestring Wines have been instantly successful on all the important fronts. Their ‘Lil Rippa' brand is very identifiable and easy to identify with for the Kiwi psyche, with modern and fresh labelling, but most importantly, the wines over deliver in quality for the prices that are asked of them. A number of the wines have taken gold medals and a top place in ‘Cuisine' magazine tastings, showing there is substance in the bottle.
Behind this light-hearted front is a seriously clever operating model, based on the marketing expertise in understanding what wine drinkers want, and the knowledge of vineyard resource that has the potential to deliver. Mike Poff's experience as viticulturist for Villa Maria and Mud House has provided much of this as well as the contacts for their grapegrowing and winemaking consultants, numbering around ten of them throughout the country, who supply the fruit and make the wines in the styles they want. Quantities are limited to that provided by small parcels that appeal for the character of the fruit, and the wines are made accordingly when timing suits the business and when there is a need for them.
The demand for the Lil Rippa wines is growing, and Pearce and Poff are slowly gearing up to meet it without compromising their modus operandi. These two wines clearly show why Lil Rippa is doing well, and the story makes a ripping yarn in times when many are struggling. www.lilrippa.co.nz


  • Lil Rippa Awatere Marlborough Pinot Gris 2011

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