Lil Rippa 2012 White & Rose Releases

It's not quite a juggernaut out of control, but the Lil Rippa brand of Mike Poff and Michael Pearce has taken a life of its own with its growth. Designed as a range of wines to over deliver in quality and value in the FMCG category as well as in accessible and popular retail operations, it has achieved that aim. The packaging is contemporary, clean and doesn't take itself too seriously, though in getting the wine into bottle is taken extremely seriously. Mike Poff's viticultural skills and winemaking contacts have become more important with each successive release. He now has a greater precision in the input of the vineyard management, and he has tightened the vinification criteria to ensure that the wines are made to the desired style specifications. Mike's ongoing relationship with his contract winemakers is stronger than ever, and I believe the latest Lil Rippa wines show the benefits. Here are my reviews of the initial 2012 white and rosé wines. www.lilrippa.co.nz


  • Lil Rippa Awatere Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Lil Rippa Awatere Marlborough Pinot Gris 2012
  • Lil Rippa Glasnevin Gravels Waipara Rosé 2012

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