Incognito ‘Prestige’ Sauvignon and Pinot Releases


The Incognito brand has served wineries and consumers well. The Fine Wine Delivery Co. take on unlabelled wines that are excess to requirements for a number of high quality producers, and sell them at reduced prices, but keeping the identity of the wineries a secret, hence ‘Incognito'. To go into the Incognito range, wines are selected in blind tasting by a panel comprised of Matt Deller, Chris Williams and Andrew Bulman. The ‘Prestige' range consists of wines considered outstanding, sourced from high profile producers and are more expensive than the regular Incognito wines, but they are still cheaper than if buying under the original brand name. Here are the two latest releases, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir. www.finewinedelivery.co.nz

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