Incognito Classics from Fine Wine Delivery Co.

The Fine Wine Delivery Co. have made the process of sourcing lots of high quality wine from top producers, and selling them at lower prices than normal with identity unknown, so as to protect the standing of the supplier, an art. The wines that continue to flow under the ‘Incognito' brand have gained a strong following, and they have become the ‘house brand' for them. The key to the success of the brand are the standards involved in the selection process, where the wines must achieve a silver medal standard as agreed upon by the in-house judging panel. Clearly, there are perceptive and keen palates involved. Here are three of the latest ‘Incognito' classics, which I review.


  • Incognito Methode Traditionnelle NV
  • Incognito Central Otago Pinot Noir 2011

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