Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2011 and Chardonnay 2010

Kevin Judd’s ‘Greywacke’ wines continue an inexorable climb to fame, and while the output may never overtake that he oversaw at Cloudy Bay, his reputation is quickly gaining ground to equal what he had then. Kevin’s take on the wines he makes now seems much more adventurous and the difference is no doubt part of his self-expression and point of difference. He’s not averse to building in layers of interest, even funkiness, and greater textures, very much along the same lines as his friends James Healy and Ivan Sutherland of Dog Point Wines, at whose facilities the Greywacke wines are made. But he certainly has his own signature of great fruit richness, expressed with seamlessness. Here, I review the new Greywacke ‘Wild Sauvignon’ 2011 and Chardonnay 2010. www.greywacke.com


  • Greywacke ‘Wild Sauvignon’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011
  • Greywacke Marlborough Chardonnay 2010

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