Gravel Ridge Martinborough Pinot Noir 2011


The Fine Wine Delivery Co. has become a specialist in sourcing consumer-friendly wine from well-established wine producers and offering it at appealing prices. Often the wines are from fruit or in styles that are not the preferred or compatible for the original producer's requirements yet are of high quality. The strategy is a workable and indeed successful one due to the palates and market awareness of the Fine Wine Delivery Co.'s tasting panel led by Matt Deller. They ‘put their money where their mouths are' by selecting wine and having the faith in their clientele in enjoying what they have chosen, This wine is an example.  Following selection by winemaker Carl Fraser for the Murdoch James 'Blue Rock' Pinot Noir, Matt Deller took the richest and most opulent Pinot Noir fruit remaining for the 'Gravel Ridge' wine, whereas Carl Fraser took the most delicate and fragrant for his Murdoch James ‘Martinborough' label. Thus, both parties were very satisfied with the resultant wines that were made. www.finewinedelivery.co.nz


  • Gravel Ridge Martinborough Pinot Noir 2011

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