Grant Burge ‘gb 56′ Shiraz 2009

It was interesting to see a review request for another Grant Burge Shuraz 2009 so soon after the ‘Benchmark' Shiraz was tasted (click here to see the review). One wonders if the wines can be identical with different labels for different channels and markets. A quick check of the Grant Burge website indicated that the ‘Benchmark' and ‘gb' ranges are indeed different. But it gets back to it – are the wines different? Another set of variables is of course how that particular bottle tasted on a specific day. Bottles do vary, as does the ability of the taster. After all, tasters are only human! Hopefully I have a palate of consistency? In any circumstance, here's my review of another Grant Burge Shiraz 2009. www.grantburgewines.com.au

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