Georges Road 2013 Syrah Rosé and Noble Riesling

There’s a saying in the wine industry that no vintage is ever the same. Seasonal variation presents the winegrower with fruit that is different every year, and this requires sensitive and appropriate winemaking to preserve or enhance the positive qualities, and diminish or remove the lesser attributes. Key to doing this with style and success is experience, and a winegrower who has seen and dealt with many harvests will have the repertoire of abilities and skills to make good and interesting wine. Kirk Bray of Georges Road in the Waipara Valley made a barrel of rosé wine from Syrah as an experiment in 2012. There haven’t been too many such wines made in New Zealand yet, so the experience was totally new to him. He liked it so much that he’s made it a more commercial proposition for 2013. Having worked in Germany, Kirk is far more familiar with late harvest and botrytised wines, so when a quantity of heavily botrytised Riesling fruit came up, he knew what he had to do – make a sweet wine out of it! 2013 is seen by Kirk to be the best vintage he has seen in the Waipara Valley, and with these two wines, he extends the Georges Road range by another half. New and old experiences have helped the process. Here I review the soon to be released new wines. www.georgesroadwines.co.nz


  • Georges Road ‘Les Terrasses’ Waipara Rosé 2013
  • Georges Road ‘Noble’ Waipara Riesling 2013

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