Fromm 2014 and 2013 La Strada Wines and 2013 Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs

As with all winegrowing businesses, Fromm Winery in Marlborough has evolved significantly since its beginnings in 1992. Founder Georg Fromm has departed, leaving his friend Pol Lenzinger and his business partner Georg Walliser in ownership. However, founding winemaker Hatsch Kalberer remains at the helm, making the uncompromisingly high quality terroir-based flagship wines. The structure of the company has changed to reflect a more modern Marlborough world; with the younger generation of William Hoare as GM and winemaker, and Adam Balasoglou joining with his marketing expertise as well as his hands-on winemaking input. With a consolidated and revitalised ranging, Fromm’s ‘La Strada’ range represents the contemporary face of Marlborough. However, Fromm has advantage of an undeniable track record of pedigree and the making of some of the region’s most complex if not best-ever single vineyard wines over the past two decades. Here, I review a selection of the new 2014 and 2013 ‘La Strada’ releases, and the 2013 ‘Clayvin’ and ‘Fromm’ single vineyard Pinot Noirs. www.frommwinery.co.nz


  • Fromm ‘La Strada’ Marlborough Pinot Gris 2014
  • Fromm ‘La Strada’ Marlborough Chardonnay 2013
  • Fromm ‘La Strada’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013
  • Fromm ‘La Strada’ Marlborough Syrah 2013
  • Fromm ‘Clayvin Vineyard’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013
  • Fromm ‘Fromm Vineyard’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013

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