Framingham Far-Out F-Series Releases

The one thing that Andrew Hedley and his team at Framingham is not afraid of is to push their wines beyond the normal boundaries. The ‘F-Series' tier is especially designed to contain limited production wines that are full of character and interest, made by challenging the normal levels of winemaking techniques and specifications, putting the wines ‘far-out' and on the edge of acceptability for those who are inclined to safety. For conservative winemakers, they could be seen as frightening (maybe that's what the ‘F' in ‘F-Series' means!), but for adventurous producers and drinkers, they offer more levels of aroma, flavour and texture. Andrew is too good a winemaker to let the wines go beyond to fault, as some proponents of ‘natural' wine can do, but his attitude is more open to trialling and experimenting than most, and that's what makes the Framingham wines worthy of attention. www.framingham.co.nz


  • Framingham Marlborough Pinot Gris 2010
  • Framingham Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2011
  • Framingham Marlborough Montepulciano 2009

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