Framingham 2015 Sweet Riesling Release

Over the past 4 years, Framingham has cemented its place New Zealand’s best Riesling producer. This is primarily based on the annual release of the sweet Riesling bottlings which cover the breadth of styles as specified by the German ‘pradikat’ system, from the off-dry Kabinett wines to the opulent and decadent Trockenbeerenauslese liqueur-style wines. Since 2011, Andrew Hedley and his winemaking and viticultural team have laboured over the growing of the fruit, selective harvesting and intricate vinification of these wines to produce a set of clearly defined, stunning set of Rieslings each year. However, Andrew and Framingham have had an outstanding reputation for Riesling long before these wines were made. The ‘Classic’ Riesling is indeed one of Marlborough’s classic examples of the variety, and the ‘Select’ Riesling another wonderful expression of the grape, both labels with an enviable track record, putting Framingham into contention as best Riesling producer in this country for many years. However, it is the sweet wine release which has become the focus.

Andrew Hedley reports that in 2015, botrytis bloom began at the start of harvest, but was not the preferred ‘dried out’ expression, thus necessitating significant hand harvesting and more passes through the vineyard than in any previous vintage for Riesling. The hand sorting continued to be required when the botrytis had dried for the sweeter styles. In 2015, Framigham has a wine in each of the traditional German pradikats, except for Eiswein, as in 2011. I review the wines here. I tasted the ‘Select’ Riesling 2015, which is the Spatlese equivalent earlier this month, and I add it into the review here, along with the other 4 releases, for completeness.


  • Framingham ‘F-Series’ Marlborough Riesling Kabinett 2015
  • Framingham Marlborough ‘Select’ Riesling 2015
  • Framingham ‘F-Series’ Marlborough Riesling Auslese 2015
  • Framingham Marlborough Noble Riesling 2015
  • Framingham ‘F-Series’ Marlborough Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese 2015

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