Forrest 2016 Stony Bank Sauvignon and 2010The Doctors’ Bubbles for Beth

From modest beginnings in 1988 when John and Brigid Forrest planted their first vineyard in Renwick, Forrest Wines has grown to be a most significant Marlborough and New Zealand producer. Although the quantities of wine do not rival that of the larger producers, it is the breadth of range that is remarkable. The Forrests are innovators and create their wines to occupy the many niches in the market, the core ‘Forrest’ wines supported by ‘The Doctors’ range of new styles, the Otago ‘TattyBogler’ range, the Gimblett Gravels Newton-Forrest partnership wines, and the top ‘John Forrest Collection’ wines. Here, I review a 2016 ‘Stony Bank’ Sauvignon Blanc, from a range designed primarily for export, and ‘The Doctors’ 2010 ‘Bubbles for Beth’ sparkling wine, created to celebrate daughter Beth’s graduating with her Masters in Oenology.


  • Stony Bank Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2016
  • Forrest ‘The Doctors’ ‘Bubbles for Beth’ Marlborough Methode Traditionnelle 2010

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