Dry River Pinot Noir 2010 Reassessed


I've been fortunate to see the Dry River wines of Martinborough closely over the past few vintages. Their distinctiveness and individuality make them among my favourites. I know the team try their hardest to craft ripe, elegant wines that build in flavour and harmonious texture with bottle age. The Pinot Noir is a classic in this sense, such that many critics have seen it as atypical of Martinborough. This may be true in the sense that the wine is not like many of the others, but then it has extra finesse and qualities that make it stand above if not apart from the majority of the district. With bottle-age, the Martinborough regionality and terroir emerge.

My recent review and rating of the Dry River Pinot Noir 2010 of 18.0+/20 was not consistent with two other tastings of this wine. I thought that this score was assessing it in the ‘hard light of day', and I detected green aromas and flavours and a harsh, disjointed mouthfeel. I felt I needed to reassess the wine again, as on the two other occasions, I was extremely impressed with its ripeness for the vintage and its fine features. I have reassessed the wine and see a significant difference. The variation may be cork related, but I saw no obvious sign of TCA. The earlier review sits under the current review, the latter and better review I regard as representative of the wine.  The 2010 Pinot Noir is part of the annual Autumn Release.  Click here to see my reviews of all of the wines in this offering. www.dryriver.co.nz


  • Dry River Martinborough Pinot Noir 2010

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