Dona Fatima – The Only Wine In The World Made From 100% Jampal


I recently received a Portuguese dry white for review which intrigued me very much.

It’s a premium wine produced by MANZ, Portugal, a pioneer in the fitness market. This is their recent venture into the wine market, currently exporting to over 25 countries. The winery focuses its production in the village of Cheleiros, Lisbon - an ancient medieval village located in the west of Portugal, next to the Atlantic ocean.


Dona Fatima is the only wine in the whole world produced exclusively with the almost extinct grape variety Jampal. The wine comes from vineyards in the ancient village of Chelerios; planted on clay-calcareous soils on slopes and terraces with the protection of the Cheleiros brook, influenced by a temperate Mediterranean climate with an Atlantic influence. Only 6,000 bottles produced yearly.


The wine is brought in by Q-Liquid (QLL) and you can find this wine on their retail website, Euro Liquor. See below my review on Dona Fatima 2019.


  • Dona Fatima Jampal 2019, Lisboa, Portugal

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