Domain Road – Small and Successful

The Bannockburn region of Central Otago has certainly proved itself as capable of producing quality wine. Nevertheless it takes great faith and drive to establish a vineyard with the intent of making wine that can with the leaders, let alone be successful at all. Graeme and Gillian Crosbie purchased an apricot orchard on Domain Road in the Bannockburn terraces in 2002, and with the advice of James and Robin Dicey established their 6.5 ha vineyard, making their first wine, a Pinot Noir from the 2006 vintage. With experienced winemaker Peter Bartle involved, the potential of the vineyard was in good hands. The Crosbies were successful soon after, the wine winning silver medals. The label has continued its run, with multi-gold medal awards for the successive releases, this supported by top awards for the other wines. www.domainroad.co.nz


  • Domain Road Central Otago Pinot Noir 2008

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