Devotus Martinborough 2015 Pinot Noir and Reserve Pinot Noir

Devotus is the Pinot Noir vineyard on a 4 ha block in the Martinborough Terrace that is the winegrowing venture of young couple Don McConachy and Valerie Worsdale. Purchasing the established vineyard on the corner of Puruatanga Road and Regent Street next door to Dry River in 2009, they returned from overseas to settle with their young sons on the block in 2013 and begin the process of revitalising the vines and the soils. The most valuable resource is 0.38 ha (731 vines in 10 rows) of Pommard clone Pinot Noir now 30 years old. Just as valuable are the just over 1 ha of Dijon and Abel clone plants (3,157 vines) at 22 year old. These vines form the Devotus ‘Reserve’ and ‘Estate' Pinot Noir wines respectively. Don and Valerie have begun a replanting process to increase the number of vines, and to even up the clonal mix to suit the site.

Don and Valerie are devoted to the work in the vineyard. It is immaculate and shows their hard work. They have contracted two different winemakers to make their wines, Alex Craighead of Alana Estate to make the ‘Estate’ wine, and a high profile, highly experienced person who wishes to remain anonymous at present for the ‘Reserve’. I reviewed the inaugural 2014 releases (click here to see my reviews) and was very impressed with the wines. Don and Valerie have now released their 2015 wines. The growing season for 2015 was marked by high winds which damaged the green shoots and induced dormancy, reducing the yields, but provided exceptional concentration in the fruit, according to Don. I’ve had the opportunity of tasting the 2015 ‘Estate’ wine in unfinished state a couple of times, and must say the wine is looking good. Of particular interest is the emergence of a consistent expression of vineyard and house style, or whether winemaker signature is stronger. At present, I feel the latter prevails. Here, I review the 2015 Devotus and Devotus ‘Reserve’ Pinot Noirs. www.devotus.nz


  • Devotus ‘Single Vineyard’ Martinborough Terrace Pinot Noir 2015
  • Devotus ‘Reserve’ ‘Single Vineyard’ Martinborough Terrace Pinot Noir 2015

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