Devotus Martinborough 2014 Pinot Noir and ‘Reserve’ Pinot Noir

Devotus is the new Martinborough Pinot Noir venture of Don McConachy and Valerie Worsdale who upon returning to New Zealand in 2013 purchased a 4 ha block with 2 ha of old Pinot Noir wines planted by Neil McCallum of Dry River, some vines up to 28 y.o., planted in 1986. The vineyard is in the heart of the Martinborough Terrace, on the corner of Puruatanga Road and Regent Street, directly next door to Dry River. McConachy, a mechanical engineer by trade, while working overseas, discovered the love of wine and having a cropping and farming background took up the dream of making wine from a special terroir.

McConachy and Worsdale have taken a natural, traditional and hands-on approach to the property and viticulture, inspired by the farming background, and have made new plantings of Pinot Noir following cultivation of crops of barley, oats and peas ploughed back into the soil for nutrition, while preparing the land. Don’s use of a 1944 Farmall H tractor and a light Reid & Gray 2 furrow plough harks back to older times and methods.

In 2014, there were two Devotus Pinot Noir wine, an ‘Estate’ and a ‘Reserve’, made in different styles. The ‘Estate’ from 20 y.o, Dijon and the Abel clone fruit was made with the assistance of Alex Craighead of Alana Estate. There were 1,703 bottles produced. The ‘Reserve’ was made from the oldest 10 rows of Pommard clone fruit at 28 y.o., with the assistance of another winemaker. Only 988 bottles were made. I review the two wines here. www.devotus.nz


  • Devotus ‘Single Vineyard’ Martinborough Terrace Pinot Noir 2014
  • Devotus ‘Reserve’ ‘Single Vineyard’ Martinborough Terrace Pinot Noir 2014

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