Decibel Wines 2016 and 2014 Whites, and 2015 and 2014 Reds

Decibel Wines is the venture of Daniel Brennan who harks from Philadelphia, U.S.A., where his family has long had a restaurant. Daniel's forebears in Sicily made wine and were coopers, but Daniel grew to love wine through his travels in Europe and also with his restaurant experience, with Martinborough Pinot Noir making a striking impression. So Daniel moved to New Zealand in 2008 to study oenology and viticulture in Hawke’ Bay, and gained practical vintage experience locally and overseas. In 2009 Daniel began producing his Hawke’s Bay wines and in 2010 his Martinborough wines. His label is ‘Decibel Wines’, a reference to his time in the music industry. His aim is to send back some great wines to the U.S.A. from New Zealand.

Living in Bridge Pa, Daniel cites Jenny Dobson as a particular inspiration and mentor, and nowadays Daniel is the assistant winemaker to Jason Stent at Paritua Wines. Daniel has become part of a group of young Hawke’s Bay innovators and shares much discussion on new techniques and practices. Daniel does not own vineyards, but obtains fruit from his friends in Hawke’s Bay and Martinborough; Daniel rents space at different winery facilities to make his wines.


  • Decibel Hawke’s Bay Viognier 2016
  • Decibel Hawke’s Bay Viognier 2014
  • Decibel ‘Amplified’ Hawke’s Bay White 2014
  • Decibel Martinborough Pinot Noir 2015
  • Decibel Martinborough Pinot Noir 2014
  • Decibel ‘Amplified’ Hawke’s Bay Red 2014

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