Crossroads Talisman 2013

The ‘Talisman’ was created as a flagship for the Crossroads Hawke’s Bay winery with a difference. From the start, the component varietals and their proportions have always been undisclosed. Only the winemaker knows the blend, and he is sworn to secrecy. The ‘Talisman’ has captured a group of loyal followers, and the wine is seen as enigmatic and near cult or iconic. Though no-one is sure what the blend is, its quality has never been in doubt, and the wine has been consistently been outstanding, especially with Miles Dineen involved in making the wine since his arrival at Crossroads in 2004. 2013 is regarded as one of the best vintages experienced in Hawke’s Bay. I recently reviewed an outstanding Syrah from this vintage which has joined the ‘Talisman’ tier (click here to see my review). Here I review the 2013 ‘Talisman wine itself.


  • Crossroads ‘Talisman’ Hawke’s Bay 2013

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