Crossroads 2013 Winemakers Syrah and 2012 Talisman

Crossroads was established in 1987 with the intention of producing first class Hawke’s Bay wine. Since then it has undergone changes in ownership and structure, but the aim has always remained the same. Over the years, Crossroads has grown, the ‘Home’ vineyard in Fernhill complemented by the development of the inland ‘Kereru’ vineyard and four vineyards in the Gimblett Gravels area, these being the ‘Bridgeman’, ‘Southbank’, ‘Elms’ and ‘Mere’. Winemaker Miles Dineen joined the company in 2004, and he has seen the upgrade of the winery and Crossroads coming part of the Yealands Wine Group in 2011. The changes have proven beneficial and the latest wines show the advances of investment and growing vine age. The ‘Winemakers Collection’ Syrah is now recognised as one of the company’s top wines, joining the enigmatic and near-iconic ‘Talisman’ as wines of note. Here, I review the latest releases of these two reds, the Syrah from the outstanding 2013 vintage and the ‘Talisman’ from a cooler, low-yielding year .


  • Crossroads ‘Winemakers Collection’ Gimblett Gravels Hawke’s Bay Syrah 2013
  • Crossroads ‘Talisman’ Hawke’s Bay 2012

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