Cookoothama 2014 Shiraz and 2012 Cabernet Merlot

Cookoothama is a wine brand of Nugan Estate, based in Griffith, New South Wales. The Nugan Group was founded in 1940, the business based on fruit and vegetable packing, moving into juice production. In 1993, Nugan group further diversified into vineyards and then into wine production. Nowadays Nugan Estate has 600 ha of vineyards in the Riverina, King Valley and the McLaren Vale, and sources fruit from other regions. The Nugan Estate winery at Willbriggie, near Griffith, built in 2002 has a 10.000 tonne capacity, and is run by Daren Owers as chief winemaker. Here, I review two Cookoothama reds, the fruit from the company’s vineyard at Darlington Point in the Riverina. They are modern, showing sweet fruit and are relatively elegant and well-structured. The wines are distributed in New Zealand by Hancocks.


  • Cookoothama Darlington Point Shiraz 2014
  • Cookoothama Darlington Point Cabernet/Merlot 2012

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