Churchill ‘Meio Queijo’ Douro 2011

Churchill-Graham is one of the newer port houses, founded by Johnny Graham in 1981, scion of the famous Graham family. The house carries his wife’s surname ‘Churchill’ after which the Ports are named. Churchill Graham has been one of the protagonists of modern Douro table wine, made with the indigenous and noble red varieties, offering greater accessibility to a wider market. These wines under the ‘Churchill Estates’ banner are quickly gaining a following for their unique character, not only from the varieties used, but also their expression of place. The company has various tiers from the fruit-expressive wines to single quinta bottlings designed to age. The ‘Meio Queijo’ is a joven style seeing no oak, and enjoys a strong following. ‘Meio Queijo’ means ‘half cheese’ which refers to the shape of the vineyard from which the grapes are sourced. www.churchills-port.com The wine is distributed in New Zealand by Mineral Wine. www.mineralwine.co.nz


  • Churchill ‘Meijo Queijo’ Douro 2011

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