Charles Wiffen Sauvignon Blanc 2012 and Gewurztraminer 2010


The Charles Wiffen range of wines from Marlborough has proven to be extremely successful across the board, but sometimes fads and fashions rule the heart. The Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer varieties often elicit a polarising effect where the wines are either adored or abhorred by wine enthusiasts. From a winemaking technical and quality point of view the fruit and the wines of both varieties from the Wiffen vineyards are as good as viticulturist Melissa Sutherland and winemaker James Rowan can deliver. The wines are successful on the show circuit, endorsing their work. But sales in the market fluctuate widely, with no apparent reason apart from what is trendy! Here are the latest releases of these two varietals from Charles and Sandi Wiffen. www.charleswiffenwines.co.nz


  • Charles Wiffen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Charles Wiffen Marlborough Gewurztraminer 2010

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