Carrick 2016 Bannockburn Chardonnay and Unravelled Pinot Noir

In March earlier this year, I visited Carrick Wines in Central Otago. Although Carrick has undergone a change of ownership to Elizabeth Zhong, who also owns Kennedy Point Vineyard on Waiheke Island, Steve Green and Barbara Robertson-Green are still overseeing the business for some time yet. I spent some time tasting through a selection of wines with winemaker Francis Hutt which demonstrated his foray into new winemaking techniques, but also a number of wines which showed how good the more conventional wines were (click here to see my report). Here, I review two of the ‘more conventional’ wines which have a degree of remarkability about them anyway. Francis is crafting the ‘regular’ Bannockburn Chardonnay to possess elegance, freshness and ageworthiness, as a counterpoint to the top-of-the-line ‘EBM’ Chardonnay which is designed to showcase opulence and complexity. And the second-label ‘Unravelled’ Pinot Noir is striking; it is certified organic, a single vineyard wine, fully oaked, and shows extremely good flavour and character, and has a 4,000 case production! Here are my notes on the 2016 Bannockburn Chardonnay and Unravelled Pinot Noir.


  • Carrick Bannockburn Central Otago Chardonnay 2016
  • Carrick ‘Unravelled’ Central Otago Pinot Noir 2016

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