Burnt Spur 2012 Whites and 2011 Pinot Noir

The Burnt Spur wines from Martinborough are assumed to be a secondary tier of Martinborough Vineyards, but in reality are single vineyard wines from 35 ha forming a separate estate located 8 km south of the Martinborough township. Originally a Lintz Estate property, Burnt Spur came fully under the Martinborough Vineyards umbrella in 2004, and the wines have been made to reflect the different microclimate and heavier clay-influenced soils. Paul Mason, winemaker at Martinborough Vineyard has enjoyed success with the wines, which in my opinion deserve a stronger following. Here are my reviews of the two 2012 whites and the 2011 Pinot Noir. www.burntspur.co.nz


  • Burnt Spur Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Burnt Spur Martinborough Pinot Gris 2012
  • Burnt Spur Martinborough Pinot Noir 2011

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