Bodegas Fontana Ucles Tempranillo from Mineral Wines

A selection of interesting imported wines is being built into the portfolio of distributor Mineral Wines. Among the latest additions are wines from Bodegas Fontana in the Ucles D.O. of Castile-La Mancha in the centre of Spain. The company, owned by the Cantarero Morales family has a modern winery and around 1,000 ha of vineyards geared to the production of modern wines, based on Tempranillo, Verdejo and international varieties. Sam Harrop MW has been contracted to consult at Bodegas Fontana and these two wines reviewed here show the results of his input. One is totally modern and fruit-driven, the other with a far more traditional style.


  • Bodegas Fontana ‘Mesta’ Ucles Tempranillo 2013
  • Quinta de Quercus ‘Single Vineyard’ Ucles 2011

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