Blanket Hills 2012 and Frizzell 2011 Hawke’s Bay Syrah

The commonality of the ‘Blanket Hills’ and ‘Frizzell’ labels is that of the winemaker, Rod McDonald. The ‘Blanket Hills’ wines are Rod’s own and the name refers to the Hawke’s Bay hills that remind him of crumpled blankets on an unmade bed. The wine style of these is "bigger, more voluptuous, and unashamedly comfortable and generous”. (www.rmwines.co.nz) The ‘Frizzell’ wines are made to the taste and specifications of Dick Frizzell, and in styles that appeal to the Kiwi persona, very much as the man’s artwork does. Both labels have found their place and developed a strong following. (www.frizzellwines.co.nz) Here I review the new 2012 Blanket Hills Syrah, and 2011 Frizzell Syrah a second time with an extra 15 months of bottle age. My, what a difference time has made to this wine.


  • Blanket Hills ‘Snap Bone’ Hawke’s Bay Syrah 2012

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