Bird ‘Big Barrel’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013

With an illustrious and long career in wine, you’d think Steve Bird could be set in his ways with established winemaking regimes and routines. Not so. Ever thinking of how to improve his wines, he now employs the ‘Vernou Roll’ method in making his Pinot Noir. It’s quickly becoming his signature wine. Steve uses large 900 L barrels for fermentation and maturation, and the process involves gently rolling the barrels. The wine spends very little time outside the barrels from the time of crushing to bottling. The result he reckons is greater integration of the oak, flavour, phenolic and tannin componentry, as well as greater detail and complexities. The wine is well-received on the show circuit and in the market place. Here, I review the new 2013 release.


  • Bird ‘Big Barrel’ Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013

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