Ballochdale Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013

The Ballochdale Estate vineyard is said by many Marlborough winegrowers to be the most beautiful and spectacularly sited in the region. The Awatere vineyard is on an undulating north-facing terrace which rises up to 300 m.a.s.l with a 55 m fall across the site. It was established in 2002 by a consortium led by Garry Neill, and there are 18.5 ha planted to five clones of Pinot Noir and 13.21 ha to Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyard aims to produce 130 and 100 tonnes of the fruit of the respective varietals. The fruit goes to a number of high profile wineries who have produced a number of noteworthy wines from the grapes. There is Ballochdale Estate wine made by Garry and his partners. The Pinot Noir is made at the Awatere River Wine Co. by Kim Crawford and resident winemaker Andrew Parley. Here, I review the 2013 Pinot Noir.


  • Ballochdale Awatere Marlborough Pinot Noir 2013

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