Ata Rangi 2012 Releases and 2011 Chardonnays

At the start of November, Ata Rangi held their 2012 Spring Release, and as could be expected, the wines were very classy and high in quality. However, at such events it can be difficult to see the finer points of the wines, whether due to distractions or time pressures, but there I felt I managed to get good impressions of the wines, and wrote a blog article which served as an indication of what to expect. (Click here to see my article.) Winemaker Helen Masters appreciative of my thoughts and approach sent the white wines from the Ata Rangi Spring Release to have a closer look. Following my ‘Feature Reviews' procedures where I use good glassware, taste in good lighting, and without too much activity going on around me, I have made my reviews of the wines. www.atarangi.co.nz

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