Astrolabe Spring 2011 Releases

As one of the stalwarts of Marlborough, Simon Waghorn fashions benchmark wines by which the region can aspire to. Three decades of winemaking experience mean that Simon's ‘Astrolabe' wines are classical Marlborough expressions. This year, the Astrolabe ranges have been rebranded. The ‘Voyage' wines, the foundation of the brand have become ‘Province', indicating these wines being a blend of fruit from sites throughout the province. ‘Discovery' has become ‘Valleys', showcasing the sub-regions of Marlborough. And taking over from ‘Experience', the new ‘Vineyards' tier are single vineyard expressions allowing Simon to have his input in the winemaking to suit the site. As with appellation systems, one can see the increasing specificity or origin as one progresses through the tiers. The ‘Astrolabe' name is more than apt for Simon's wines; the navigational instrument having connotations of exploration and adventure, which is what the wines are all about. New 2011 spring releases are reviewed here and their understanding is part of the journey. www.astrolabewines.co.nz

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