A North American Selection from Procure Liquor

Misha Taylor and Jonty Hamer of Procure Liquor have experienced success with their importation of North American wines, a category previously considered too difficult to work with due to the limited market in this country and the expensive cost of the wines. However, they’ve done their homework and identified keen buyers and obtained a wide series of more affordable wines that offer great quality. Sales of the wines have been so good that they’ve needed to bring in more shipments, and extend the range, beyond that of California, and now to include wines from Washington State. www.procureliquor.co.nz

Here, I review a new vintage of ‘The Crusher’ Petite Sirah, this label a partnership between the Sebastiani family and grape-growing Wilson family in Clarksburg (www.thecrusherwines.com), and three reds from Washington State, two from ‘Charles Smith Wines’ (www.charlessmithwines.com) and the associated ‘Charles & Charles’ label (www.bielerandsmith.com).


  • The Crusher ‘Grower’s Selection Clarksburg Petite Sirah 2013
  • Charles Smith Wines ‘Boom Boom’ Washington Syrah 2014
  • Charles Smith Wines ‘The Velvet Devil’ Washington Merlot 2013
  • Charles and Charles Colombia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah 2014

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