2022 Marks The Fifth Year of Organic Wine Week


Organic Wine Week 2022 is coming up in September and is a perfect excuse to swirl, smell and sip the stunning array of New Zealand organic wine. Featuring all new tastings, activities and events, the week opens a window into the vibrant world of organic wine. This year’s Organic Wine Week takes place Sept 19-25, and is centred around the Spring Equinox.

The idea of Organic Wine Week came about from a discussion of Organic Winegrowers New Zealand’s producer board in the summer of 2018. The members wanted a ‘day’ or an event to celebrate the importance of organic wine and viticulture. However, it became apparent that in order to communicate and showcase the quality, depth and importance of organic wine, we needed longer than a day. And so, Organic Wine Week was born. It is seven days dedicated to highlighting organic wine, its positive impact on ecosystems, health and people and the New Zealand organic wine story. It’s an opportunity for people from all over the globe to come together to share, learn and sample New Zealand organic wine.

“There has been a major upswing in demand for organic wine over recent years and the conversation is definitely changing in favour of organics. Consumers want to know what is going into their wine, where it comes from, how it is grown and the impact on the environment,” says Clive Dougall, chair of the producers’ association Organic Winegrowers New Zealand.

Since its inception, Organic Wine Week has exceeded the expectations of everyone involved, with numerous events selling out and social media platforms igniting with restaurants, retailers and consumers alike all joining the celebration. In 2020, the Organic Wine Week initiative received a special commendation in the Drinks Biz Green Awards, honouring the fresh take on raising awareness about organic viticulture and the international, multi-channel approach.

Building on the past success of Organic Wine Week, this year OWNZ will continue collaborations with winery members, key influencers and other key organic industries.

A calendar of events for both New Zealand and international markets will be released in August on the Organic Winegrowers New Zealand website, and regular updates and information will be provided on all of our social media platforms.

For more information or to be part of the week, please email Sarah Booker [email protected]


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