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The first 20/20 pts wine goes to… Tony Bish Skeetfield Chardonnay 2019
What should a 20/20 points wine taste like? I didn't know until I tasted it. It was quite an experience! It was pretty, punchy, seamless, elegant and... Read more
30 Under $30 – 5-star rated wines you can buy
It's been a year since New Zealand closed its border to visitors, many of us had to adjust to situations with work and lifestyle choice, but, let's fa... Read more
Gimblett Gravels Annual Vintage Selection 2018
Each year, since 2008, a selection of twelve Gimblett Gravels wines have been selected by Andrew Caillard MW, Sydney based Master of Wine, by his inde... Read more
The Wild Irishman – Alan Brady
Wild Irishman - a retirement project of Alan Brady, who is known as the godfather of Gibbston. He planted the first vines in Gibbston in 1981, founded... Read more
Nga Waka
Legend has it that the hills were formed by three canoes of the famed Polynesian explorer Kupe, which were carried inland by a huge earthquake and cam... Read more
Loveblock – Sauvignon Blanc/ Pinot Gris 2020
After Loveblock releasing their first wine from 2020 harvest, Loveblock TEE Sauvignon Blanc in October 2020, which used green tea antioxidant as prese... Read more
Clayvin Vineyard – Giesen Wine
Clayvin vineyard is considered as a new world grand cru site, consistently scoring excellently from critics around the world and there is an explanati... Read more
Terrace Edge – Wine2Trade Portfolio
Terrace Edge is a boutique vineyard and olive grove situated on the south bank of the Waipara river, North Canterbury. Bruce and Jill Chapman purc... Read more
  The Bishell family represent the modern face of New Zealand farming where success can come from diversification. The Bishells established them... Read more
Clark Estate Range
I recently reviewed an interesting range of wine from Clark Estate, other than the norm Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, a refreshingly delicious Metho... Read more
Paddy Borthwick
This is the first time I tasted Paddy Borthwick wines and I was pleased that I finally did! The whole range shows fine concentration and integrated a... Read more
Giesen Uncharted Range
The Uncharted range celebrates its homeland; a place between the snow and the sea, where mountain ranges give way to rivers, and sunshine reigns sup... Read more
Moana Park Estate – Rebranded
Moana Park had a successful change of ownership 12 months ago, rebranded in July 2020, now it's known as Moana Park Estate. Dan Parker, Moana Park Es... Read more
Top 6 Pinot Noir (Over $50)
We often think of New Zealand as a young wine country, yes, it's true, but at the same time, New Zealand winemakers have become more experienced, the ... Read more
Top 6 Pinot Noir (Under $50)
New Zealand is a Pinot country, and we sure have many great Pinot Noir; hence I decided to split the category into 'Under $50' and 'Over $50'. The Top... Read more