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It wasn’t difficult for a number of people to make the connection of Raymond Chan Wine Reviews with the ‘Wine Noter’ blog, especially with the use of the moniker ‘winenoter’ as my Twitter account. I’ve acknowledged the connection on this website in the ‘Friends and Favourites’ section.

The ‘Wine Noter’ blog originated from my regaining full access at the start of 2008 to a cellar in which I had stored many of my original wine purchases. The intermittent access over the years before meant that many of the wines were not brought out and consumed regularly, this being exacerbated by nearly two decades of working in retail, constantly conducting tastings and having samples to assess, thus reducing the opportunity of opening the cellared wines. While some of the wines would have been in fine condition and an acceptable state of maturity, many were well past their ‘optimum’ drinking dates. It seemed a shame not to at least record what they tasted like or make a note on how they showed on opening. As many of the wines would no doubt be opened with other interesting wines, the by-line of the ‘Wine Noter’ blog is “occasional notes on ‘wine treasures’, some from a long-lost cellar” was added.

The blog entries have noted all sorts of wines tasted, from some that have long died to others that have years of cellaring ahead. Some have been near valueless, others worth a small fortune on the secondary market. I’ve kept the commentary rather loose and not too detailed, with the identities of the people I’ve tasted with disguised. Those close to me will be able to figure out who the nick-names refer to. The comments are made from impressions and memories, usually the morning after, rather than full or serious notes made at the time, and they do not make it into the ‘Raymond Chan Wine Reviews’ wine database. The entries include essentially any interesting wine that comes my way now, as the majority of the wines from the cellar are now gone. Older wines enjoyed over dinner feature more and more. If you wish to peruse the ‘Wine Noter’ blog, go to winenoter.blogspot.com

My latest entry is “Moments of Magic from Montana”, where I mention some wines made by industry giant Montana (now Brancott Estate) that are nearly three decades old. Click here to view.

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