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Oh So Pretty European Wine Offer #5

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This is the fifth year that Framingham’s winemaker Andrew Hedley and his wife Debra, general manager at Pacific Rim Oenology Services, are offering their unique selection of European wines to curious enthusiasts. The ‘Oh So Pretty’ selection is quite eclectic, being based on the wines they’ve enjoyed in their travels, mainly in the Alpine regions of Europe. ‘Oh So Pretty’ has grown in popularity due the interesting nature of the wines, their relative scarcity in New Zealand, and because of Andrew and Debra take care of the intricacies and logistics of bringing them into the country. Originally, it was their colleagues that purchased the wines, but a number of high profile restaurants and wine retailers partake.

In the ‘Oh So Pretty’ #5, there are wines from 20 producers in Italy, from the Sudtirol, Trentino, Friuli, Val d’Aosta to Sicily, Sardinia, Campania and more, plus 8 producers from Austria, a German and a Luxembourg winery. There are 8 from France, including wines from Cotes du Jura, Savoie, Burgundy and the Loire, as well as wines from Greece, Spain, Portugal and Georgia. The selection includes many who are organic and biodynamic, and this offer has a strong number of ‘natural’ wines. Andrew and Debra are not evangelists of ‘natural’ wines per se, but rather, advocates of interesting wines, and recognise that the natural or real wine movement is putting forward many very enjoyable wines.

Forward Ordering
The logistical success of the ‘Oh So Pretty’ wine offer is based on the requirement for purchasers to place forward orders. Andrew and Debra collate the orders and ship them to New Zealand, adding on the freight after that has been determined. The catalogue gives approximate, but a fairly accurate indication of the costs. My experience is that the wines always arrive at slightly less that my estimation, but considering the rarity and unusual nature of the wines, a bit of leeway is more than acceptable. The Hedleys prefer orders with a minimum of 6 bottles (the freight for less than that is the same as for 6 anyway). And orders for this latest offer must be in by 31 July. The delivery date will be around end of October.

I recommend you contact Andrew and Debra Hedley for a copy of their ‘Oh So Pretty’ #5 European Wine Offer.  You’ll be amazed at the selection, which will have something to perk the interest of any keen wine drinker. Andrew’s email is [email protected] and Debra’s is [email protected]

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