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Muddy Water Sold to Greystone Wines

By April 12, 2011No Comments

The well-respected Waipara wine company Muddy Water was sold to neighbouring Greystone Wines at the end of last month. Michael and Jane East set up Muddy Water when they purchased the property in 1992. With 15 hectares of vines, high quality Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Riesling and Pinotage wines have been made, the Rieslings becoming the flagship. In the sale, winemaker Belinda Gould has been made redundant.

At present, both Muddy Water and Greystone are in the middle of harvest, and it will be interesting to see if the Muddy Water branding will be retained, once the situation settles. Greystone has had a brilliant rise to recognition, their aromatic wines very successful on the show circuit. The wines across the board, like those of Muddy Water, have all been well-received. The team of Nick Gill, viticulturist and Dom Maxwell, winemaker at Greystone, is very experienced. The purchase will, no doubt, mean a continued presence of good wine from the vineyard.

Terrace Edge has had their wines made under contract by Belinda Gould at Muddy Water. It is understood that Greystone will take over the vinification of Terrace Edge for the 2011 vintage.

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