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Fine Dining From Your Kitchen

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Fine dining from your kitchen, at your home – this is what Glen File of ‘Mis en Place Ltd’ offers. ‘Mis en Place’ means “to put in place” or as Glen says, in kitchen terms it means “being prepared for the cooking ahead”. Glen knows about such things, as he has cooked his way in his fourteen years in the hospitality industry from the ‘Rooftop Restaurant’ in Aberdeen, in Scotland to his present place of employment at ‘Dockside’ in Wellington. This city is where he has spent most of his time, in the best places, such as ‘Monsoon Poon;, ‘Boulcott Street Bistro’, ‘Arbitrageur’ and ‘Osteria de Toro’, and he has won prizes and cooked up a storm in all sorts of occasions big and small.

It’s the small that he is focussing on now, and offers his expertise in cooking for you in your home in your kitchen, showing how it’s done in cooking classes or cooking for your guests in a private dinner situation. Glen can cook to your preferred theme, such as Italian, or Kiwiana, or deal only with specifics, such as ‘all things glorious about steak’.

This all works in with how everyday people want to learn more about food and how to cook it well. Media emphasises good food so much now and Glen can be the guiding hand to help you achieve new skills, or show how it’s done with your friends and family, in the comfort of your own home. And the good thing about it wine-wise is that you can choose your own – in the ultimate BYO!

I had the excellent experience of attending a themed dinner with Glen File cooking the meal, and showing us how to do it. The theme was “A Celebration of Seafood” with seven courses served. The ten diners chose the wines to match the courses, and it was indeed a great night. Click here to go to my ‘Winenoter’ blog to see the menu and wines.
If you are keen to explore some ideas about a similar event in your kitchen at your home where Glen File can ‘put in place’ a fun and educational experience with cooking, contact him at:

Mis en Place Ltd, Tel: 021 262-6991 or email: [email protected]  

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