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Canterbury Wine Awards 2015

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The results of the fourth Canterbury Wine Awards have been released. This regional wine competition is growing in the number of Canterbury wineries entering their wines for judging, with a corresponding increase in the medals awarded. For 2015, there were 55 (71%) medal winners, with 5 golds, 16 silver and 34 bronze medals. The competition is conducted in two stages, firstly with the wines assessed on their own merit, then secondly in reference to seven food classes: vegetarian, pork, seafood, cheese, game, lamb and chicken. Trophies are awarded to the most food-friendly match in each class, supplementing the gold medal awards for wine excellence. The judges for 2015 were the same as in 2014, with writer Jo Burzynska as chair, with Kirsten Creasy, winemaker and oenologist, and chef Jonny Schwass.

It is interesting to note the strong showing of the 2013 vintage wines, from an outstanding, warm and dry harvest.  It is encouraging also to see a number of the 2014 wines come through creditably, this being a challenging cool and wet vintage. I list the trophy winning wines and the medal winning wines following. The full results can also be seen at www.winesofcanterbury.co.nz The Champion Wine of the Show will be announced at the David Jackson Dinner on Friday 29 May.

Trophy Winners

Hill Laboratories Vegetarian Class Trophy: Muddy Water Pinotage 2013
Hill Laboratories Pork Class Trophy: Omihi Road Riesling 2009
Lane Neave Lawyers Game Class Trophy: Georges Road ‘Block One’ Syrah 2013
Lane Neave Lawyers Cheese Class Trophy: Greystone ‘Basket Star’ Riesling 2013
FruitFed Lamb Class Trophy: Terrace Edge Pinot Noir 2013
FruitFed Seafood Class Trophy: Greystone Sauvignon Blanc 2014
FruitFed Chicken Class Trophy: Melton Estate Chardonnay 2013
Medal Winners

Riesling – Gold
Omihi Road 2009
Greystone ‘Basket Star’ 2013
Riesling – Silver
Waipara Hills ‘Equinox’ 2013
Riesling – Bronze
Marble Point Dry 2014
Waipara Springs 2013
Thornbury Waipara 2013
True & Daring 2013
Waipara Hills Waipara Valley 2014
Sirocco 2011
Marble Point Classic 2013
Silver Wing Noble Late Harvest 2011
Meniscus 2013
CharRees 2013

Pinot Noir – Gold
Terrace Edge 2013
Pinot Noir – Silver
Muddy Water 2013
Mon Cheval 2010
Waipara Hills ‘Equinox’ 2013
Pinot Noir – Bronze
Whistling Buoy ‘Kokolo’ 2014
Mount Brown 2013
CharRees 2012
Melton Estate 2013
Whistling Buoy ‘1/2 Acre’ Canterbury 2014
Omihi Road ‘SVR’ 2009
Waipara Hills Waipara Valley 2014
Omarino 2011
Fancrest 2011
Stephenson Estate 2011

Sauvignon Blanc – Gold
Greystone 2014
Sauvignon Blanc – Silver
Waipara Springs 2014
Waipara Hills ‘Equinox’ 2014
Sauvignon Blanc – Bronze
The Boneline 2014
Mt Beautiful 2014
Thistle Ridge 2013

Other Reds – Gold
Georges Road ‘Block One’ Syrah 2013
Other Reds – Silver
Muddy Water Pinotage 2013
Muddy Water Syrah 2013
Torlesse Port

Pinot Gris – Silver
Thornbury Waipara 2014
Waipara Hills Waipara Valley 2014
Waipara Hills ‘Equinox’ 2013
Pinot Gris – Bronze
Greystone 2014
Terrace Edge 2014
Blackhouse 2012

Gewurztraminer – Silver
Waipara Hills Waipara Valley 2014
Greystone 2014
Gewurztraminer – Bronze
Omihi Road 2011

Chardonnay – Silver
Melton Estate 2013
Whistling Buoy ‘Kokolo’ 2014
Chardonnay – Bronze
Waipara Hills ‘Equinox’ 2013
Waipara Hills Waipara Valley 2014
The Boneline ‘Barebone’ 2013
Marble Point 2013
Waipara Springs 2013
Thistle Ridge 2013

Update: The ‘Champion Wine of the Show’ was awarded to: Omihi Road Riesling 2009


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